Classic Pooh Nursery: Always Fashionable

Classic pooh nursery – Winnie Pooh is one of most beloved Disney characters for young children why he and his friends are protagonists of this baby bedroom decor. While it is true that children are small and you may not understand much about decorations and ornaments, we cannot deny that they are attracted by colors and drawings and also us parents, fills us with charm and decorarles emotion rooms in a magical and childlike style.

Classic Pooh Nursery Bed

That’s why they are tiny but equally we must work hard in decorating their rooms and this time we want to propose decorate a bedroom classic pooh nursery style. As we have said before, we have chosen this cute little bear for being a character who has earned a place in hearts of children so little ones will feel very comfortable and can see every day in your bedroom decor.

Son of designer of this securities company in childhood loved Winnie Pooh and why his father has decided to create classic pooh nursery of furniture with designs inspired by this character. We can see, in addition to furniture that everyone has figure of Winnie Pooh painted on them, which have been combined decoration light colors such as green, salmon and white. We know it is important for children that bright but delicate colors are used, in order to create fresh, cheerful environments but that will not damage your sight and do not alter too.

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